Workshop – cutting edge email design

Join us for a one-day workshop packed with the latest insights, practical knowledge, best practices, cheat sheets and more. Enable yourself in creating future proof emails.

Training overview

1.Facts & Trends

In order to properly build emails we need to understand how important they are. We look into the underlaying numbers, how emails have changed and the predictions for the near and more distant future.


We look into the technical background of emails, which email terms you should know by heart. How does email security work, delivery, spam traps and more.

3.Email structures & ISP's

In this section we will cover the build-up of an email, what should be taken into account when you design and build emails? Which future techniques should you be applying and providing insights into common bugs.


We discuss the most used frameworks, future proof frameworks and how you make selections based on the above knowledge before you start to build.

5.Workflow & Automation

When building it's important to have a good workflow, but in order to keep up with production we also discuss how you can automate email workflows.


Getting our hands dirty; analyse designs & code and build an email template.

Meet the trainer

Ian is a graphic and web designer by heart with over 5 years of experience. He lives in Limburg, The Netherlands, and has a bachelor degree in ICT & Media Design. He founded his own company and joined Engagement Factory during its start-up days.

His work ranges from UI / UX design, web development, digital and print design and everything related to Modern Marketing such as concepting, strategic development and training. And he has worked for brands such as McLaren, Philips, Ricoh, Spur and many more leading global labels.

Ian Graus

Ian Graus

Consultant & Graphic Designer

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We are looking forward to meeting you on Wednesday the 25th of October (9AM) in our office at Grove Exchange. Bring your laptop, charger and a fresh mind. We will contact you directly to inform you about the payment.

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Wednesday 25th October 2017

9AM - 5PM

Grove Exchange, 6th floor, Grove Avenue Claremont, 7708

R2,000 per person

Minimal of 4 attendees required.
In case participants lack we will inform you about new dates.