Lead Manager

Routing, notification and lifecycle management of leads

Lead Manager enables quick distribution and simple management of marketing qualified leads through a multi-stage sales lead qualification process.

Lead Manager is an access-controlled, cloud-based solution that functions essentially like a secure, mini CRM.

The lead manager portal enables multiple sales teams to effectively manage marketing qualified leads through the various stages of a sales qualification process. Marketing teams can now easily measure the effectiveness of their campaigns using lead progression tracking.

Fully integrated with Oracle Eloqua, Lead Manager guarantees that both marketing and sales teams share a single, live view of the current state of all leads.

Solution benefits:

Oracle Eloqua Supported

Enhanced functionality, improved ROI

Customer Engagement

Improved response time & full lead history

Privacy & Security

Complete control over personal customer data

Automated Management

Complete lead lifecycle management

Instant Action

Live routing and notification of leads via portal

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