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Oracle Award Winners, Engagement Factory, BPI OnDemand and TKC digital Announce New SparCX Customer Experience Alliance

November 9, 2017 - News

November 7nd, 2017 - Engagement Factory, BPIonDemand and TKC, Oracle award winners in the areas of Marketing, Sales and Service, announce a new partnership to deliver solutions covering all aspects of customer experience. The new SparCX network is essentially a highly experienced think-tank of diverse skills, designed specifically to help businesses face the challenges of operating a dynamic, customer-centric organisation.Engagement Factory, originally an Oracle Eloqua partner, specializes...

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Engagement Factory Wins Prestigious Oracle Excellence Award for
Specialized Partner of the Year EMEA in CX Cloud

October 23, 2017 - News

October 2nd, 2017 - Oracle today recognized Engagement Factory, a customer experience obsessed, modern marketing company, with its 2017 Oracle Excellence Award for Specialized Partner of the Year - EMEA in Customer Experience (CX) Cloud. Engagement Factory is a Gold level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN).The Oracle Excellence Awards for Specialized Partner of the Year - EMEA encourages innovation by Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) members, who use Oracle’s products and technology to...

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8 Simple Persuasion Tactics that Influence Customer Behavior

October 10, 2017 - Insights

It all starts with customer obsession! How obsessed are you? Do you talk to your customers, face-to-face? Have you developed buyer persona’s, and are your customer journeys mapped? Marketers need to become behavioral coaches. Sounds crazy, right? To be honest, getting spammed with retargeted media is crazy. However, getting a message at the right time in a convenient way, feels natural. Instead of thinking within a buyer journey, marketers should go back to understanding basic...

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Meet your biggest
competitor: Status Quo

July 12, 2017 - Insights

The end goal of marketing and sales is generating business. Ideally, not just qualified leads or even sales-opportunities, but signed contracts. Turning leads into deals is a matter of switching 2 letters, if you’re playing Scrabble. However, in real-life there’s much more to it! Especially if you are unaware of your biggest competitor: Status Quo. According to The Sales Benchmark Index1, 58 percent of deals in the sales pipeline end in ‘no decision’. Basically, this...

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Engagement Factory
acquires Leadteq

June 27, 2017 - News

Engagement Factory announces the acquisition of Leadteq, a leading implementation partner of the Oracle Eloqua marketing automation platform. This new alliance enables Engagement Factory to extend Modern Marketing transformation into the Scandinavian region, and to further strengthen Engagement Factory with a team of professionals from the Nordics. Founded in 2012 with headquarters in Stockholm, Leadteq successfully implemented marketing automation solutions for numerous, leading B2B...

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How Modern Marketing
can benefit your business

June 23, 2017 - Insights

With the never-ending quest for businesses to grow their sales and profitability, most senior execs and marketing teams are on the lookout for the latest opportunity to deliver more, often with less. So, what is modern marketing all about and how can it help you? Today's fast-paced society generates a hectic lifestyle, however if you could press the pause button for a moment you'll notice that the world we live in is evolving rapidly. Technology is one of the key factors driving this! ...

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Inspired by Gartner to Collaborate, Educate and Empower

May 22, 2017 - Opinion

The most accurate word to describe the 2017 Gartner Digital Marketing conference would be “Inspirational”. From the Keynotes, to the exhibition hall, Gartner excelled in providing content that was both valuable, and fun! The event kicked-off with Scott Galloway, L2 Founder and Clinical Professor of brand strategy and digital marketing. Scott emphasises how we, as marketers, face a mammoth task in making sure customers always have the best possible brand...

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How to convince management to invest in buyer personas

May 12, 2017 - Intelligence

With 70% of B2B companies stating that they expect their organisation to produce more content in 2017 compared to 2016*, creating relevant, high quality content and delivering it to the right person, at the right time and in the correct way, is more important than ever before. To create powerful content that will perform, knowing exactly who your audience is and how they behave in their buyer journey is essential. While buyer personas may sound like a no-brainer to you,...

Tags: buyer persona, Data Protection Regulations, GDPR, PII, personally identifiable information, governance, accountability, benefits, marketing automation

What happens in Vegas,
we must share!

May 8, 2017 - Opinion

We recently attended the Oracle Modern Marketing Experience, in Las Vegas, USA, for the first time. The event kicked off for partners on Monday with the Partner Advisory council. In this council, the top 20 OMC partners from across the globe get together and discuss with Oracle their vision and the way we work together. The highlight of the day was a private session for the top 6 OMC partners with Mark Hurd, EO of Oracle. Following tradition, the second day of the event delivers...

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EU Data Protection Regulations
are changing. Comply or get ready to pay HUGE fines!

March 6, 2017 - Intelligence

“A business that is not GDPR compliant could face a fine of €20m or 4% of its annual turnover.” GDPR Conference Website On 15 December 2015, The European Parliament, the Council and the Commission reached a new agreement on the data protection rules, that the Council adopted and published on May 4th 2016. With this new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) a deadline has been put forward for which every organization that processes EU residents’ personally identifiable...

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The sleek, yet powerful,
‘Welcome Campaign’

December 20, 2016 - Insights

NEVER underestimate the potential of a ‘Welcome Campaign’, and here’s why: "Research shows that welcome emails have an average read rate of 34%, which is 42% higher than the average." Welcoming a new subscriber to your company’s online community, is one of the most fundamental campaigns. Not only does it set the right tone of voice for your future marketing activities, but it also gives you the opportunity to get to know your new...

Tags: Campaign Types, Engagement, Segmentation, Storytelling, Modern Marketing, Marketing Automation

Have you heard of ‘CRM in 1 Day’?

November 4, 2016 - Insights

Engagement Factory proudly partnered the event organised by CustomerTalk last September, in Bussum, Netherlands. Tailored for people in the Marketing, Sales and Service roles, the event focuses on the areas of: CRM, Customer Experience Management, Customer Strategy and Customer Service. Engagement Factory hosted the break out session "How do you create awareness for a new proposition by using Marketing Automation in a smart way?". We presented a proof-of-concept based...

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So you think you're a
Modern Marketer?

November 1, 2016 - Opinion

There is one way to find out! Look at the list of landing pages containing the highest total visitors in your marketing automation system – can you see any unsubscribe pages? If your answer is YES, then it is clear, you are not yet a modern marketer… you are doing something wrong! Engagement Factory CTO and Co-founder, Stuart Ormiston, has been implementing Marketing Automation Systems for over a decade now. He is often asked to review instances for our clients, made up of...

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Responsive Design in Gmail

October 26, 2016 - Insights

On September 14th, Gmail made an announcement that shocked the email design community. Just like a ripple that spreads out after a pebble hits the water, this update will, sooner rather than later, influence your target audience. So, what is happening and what should you do? Gmail announced they would start the roll-out of Media Query support over all their services late September. What this means is that emails can now be made responsive – basically they will now adapt to the...

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Our Top Ten Customer Experience Takeaways

August 29, 2016 - News

Engagement Factory recently had a wonderful opportunity to attend Africa’s largest Customer Experience Management conference, in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa. This 5th annual summit attracted 440 delegates and showcased the opportunities, and challenges, faced by modern marketers, during an era of unprecedented change in South Africa. We came away very excited by what is happening at the intersection of technology and marketing services. ...

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Balance inform, inspire and Buy

July 22, 2016 - Insights

Using Eloqua in combination with the Psychology of Persuasion is a theme we are passionate about. On June 30 Andre Kuijpers, one of our Senior Consultants gave a masterclass on applying this to the strategy of attracting and motivating users to leave personal details, changing them from unknowns to known visitors. Using an example of the Ricoh NL strategy, he showcased why the website is a very important tool, used as a product/service catalogue, but why it is also important to have a low...

Tags: Oracle Eloqua, Masterclass, Engagement, CRM, lead generation, Psychology of Persuasion

MTT Events

July 19, 2016 - News

“I love it when a plan comes together” - Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith, The A-Team. And together it came, at Oracle and Engagement Factory's first event of their Marketing Transformation Tour, in Utrecht on the 18th of May! Marketers from global B2B and B2C companies gathered at this unique breakfast session to hear not one, but three Markie award-winning speakers Mark Emmett, Mark...

Tags: modern marketing, engagement factory, marketing transformation, oracle eloqua, marketing transformation tour, consultancy

Integrated solutions for
Modern Marketing Success

June 23, 2016 - news

Engagement Factory today announced the delivery of a rather unique middleware integration system to the Vacalians Group, a leading European campsite and mobile-home operator. Vacalians Group SAS, formerly known as Financière du Grand Pavoi, was founded in 2005 and is based in Sète, France. Through its Tohapi and Canvas brands, Vacalians offers approximately 300 campsites destinations in Europe, including France, Spain and Italy. The Vacalians...

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Engagement Factory Achieves Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Partner of the Year 2016

June 15, 2016 - News

Eindhoven, June 15, 2016 – Engagement Factory, a specialized Oracle Marketing Cloud Gold Partner, received the Oracle Excellence Award in the Netherlands for Customer Experience (CX) Partner of the Year 2016, Software as a Service (SaaS) category. Presented at a prestigious awards ceremony yesterday evening, the award highlights the benefits of Engagement Factory’s ongoing collaboration with Oracle. It recognizes their dedication to the Oracle Marketing Cloud and most importantly,...

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Marketing Transformation EMEA Tour Comes to London

June 9, 2016 - News

Are you looking for some inspiration to help you get more out of your modern marketing strategy? Do you want to discover the latest trends and new ideas on how to improve your marketing effectiveness? Engagement Factory and Oracle have partnered to unite marketers across key locations in EMEA by holding a series of breakfast events to answer these questions. Whether you are starting up with Marketing Automation and need some inspiration or you...

Tags: Modern Marketing, Oracle, Engagement Factory

Engagement Factory Achieves Oracle Marketing Cloud Specialization

June 8, 2016 - News

Eindhoven, June 8 2016 – Engagement Factory, a Gold level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), today announced that it has achieved OPN Specialization in Oracle Marketing Cloud. Oracle formally recognizes partners that have invested time and resources in developing significant expertise in Oracle Marketing Cloud through Specialized partner status, a designation demonstrated through an assessment of the partner’s level of expertise and business success in a specific area. ...

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Extending marketing automation functionalities for your
Mobile Strategy

June 7, 2016 - Opinion

Historically Marketing Automation has predominantly been about emailing the right message, to the right person, at the right time. However, as use of email marketing has grown, so have a number of pitfalls, and some audience groups are clearly less responsive to email than others. Many of the more advanced marketers are now extending their communications strategy to leverage other channels, with the ever present mobile phone offering a wide variety of opportunities....

Tags: mobile, notifications, marketng automation

Marketing Transformation
Starts in Utrecht

May 4, 2016 - News

Do you want to find out the latest trends and hands on ideas how to improve your marketing effectiveness? Ever struggled with finding the right way to get more from your modern marketing strategy? Engagement Factory and Oracle have partnered to unite marketers across key locations in EMEA and hold a series of breakfast events to answer these questions. Join us in Utrecht on 18th of May for the 1st stop of Engagement Factory and...

Tags: Engagement Factory, Approach, Modern Marketing

The Mobile preference centre as a platform for effective mobile CRM

May 3, 2016 - Opinion

The smartphone is a soulless object that we constantly interact with wherever and whenever possible. It is always on, always connected and always close by. It has become much more than just a device used for calling and checking emails. Nowadays there is an app for everything! Marketers now have the ability to identify the different ways that prospects use their mobiles to live their daily lives. Marketers can now capitalize on the rich customer data that has been gathered to identify...

Tags: CRM, mobile, preference center

Resolving the classic battle between Sales & Marketing

March 30, 2016 - Insights

As a Modern Marketing consultancy, everyday we encounter companies making their first steps into the world of Modern Marketing. We mainly support specialists, from Marketing and IT departments, who are looking for a solution that generates high quality leads from their successful marketing activities. It was often revealed that Sales would frequently complain about Marketing only delivering cold leads, due to a lack of understanding of the business. In response Marketing would defend...

Tags: Engagement Factory, Sales, Marketing, Alignement, Modern Marketing, Lead Management

Lead Scoring isn’t magic,
it’s real and it works

March 9, 2016 - Opinion

As we sat at a project closure meeting last week, I was delighted to hear the words “It works!” in reference to the lead scoring and lead management process that we helped put in place at a customer. Even more interesting was that the smiley face came from a pre-sales person, tasked with the first qualification of leads coming out of their marketing automation system. His enthusiasm came mainly from having seen how a lead that otherwise would have probably been left behind, was...

Tags: Engagement Factory, Lead Scoring, Lead Management, Marketing Automation

Oracle Eloqua Grande E-mail deliverability and privacy matter now more than ever

March 2, 2016 - Insights

The first reason for the importance of both e-mail deliverability and privacy is that new and existing laws up-the-stakes greatly for companies that don’t comply with standards and regulations. Secondly, today’s e-mail marketers are finding it harder and harder to be heard. As a result, they need to master deliverability and privacy to raise their signals above noise from social media, other e-mail marketers, and even word-of-mouth marketing. This Oracle...

Tags: Oracle Eloqua, E-mail deliverability, E-mail marketing, E-mail privacy

Ultra Targeted Nurturing

February 26, 2016 - Insights

How advanced can you get with the Campaign Canvas in Oracle Eloqua? We have written the whitepaper about the ‘3 Lane’ design pattern for campaigns. It is about a special design pattern that can give you extremely good targeting. It provides a framework for really personalising your content delivery. So if you’re up for the challenge (or want to see what real targeting looks like), then just download this whitepaper and discover what ultra targeted nurturing is about. ...

Tags: Engagement Factory, Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua's
Grande Guide to Lead Scoring

February 12, 2016 - Intelligence

The Grande Guide to lead scoring helps every Marketer become proficient in this key marketing topic, in the time it takes you to drink your cup of coffee. Lead scoring process Lead scoring is the ranking of leads according to the value represented for your company, based on both implicit and explicit data. The process of defining lead scores improves the alignment between the marketing and sales teams. By jointly defining a Sales Accepted Lead (SAL), sales and marketing...

Tags: Engagement Factory, Eloqua, Lead Scoring, Modern Marketing, Whitepaper

Engagement Factory's Oracle Eloqua Training Academy

February 4, 2016 - Insights

At Engagement Factory we believe in delivering a complete marketing automation solution to our clients. This means we not only provide the integration, application enhancement and support of Oracle Eloqua at the technical level, but also the collection of insights to develop powerful personas, design and development of content and execution of campaigns. Aside from the above, one of our most valuable offerings is helping to prepare your organisation for modern marketing, through our...

Tags: Engagement Factory, Eloqua, Marketing Automation, Training

An integrated approach

January 28, 2016 - Insights

People often ask me the following question: “What makes Engagement Factory different from other Eloqua partners?” Initially I answered this by explaining that we had the best resources and a superb client track record, but lately I realised it is due entirely to another reason. We have an integrated approach. Let me explain. In order to deliver integrated marketing to our clients, we needed to approach our own organisation, services and solutions, in an integrated way. This...

Tags: Engagement Factory, Approach, Modern Marketing

Omron Industrial Automation Case Study

January 26, 2016 - Insights

As part of the global Omron Corporation, OMRON Industrial Automation functions as a partner to help innovate worldwide manufacturing. Through expertise in sensing and control technology, they enable manufacturers to operate with greater productivity and streamlined efficiency. Find out how Engagement Factory helped Omron standardise marketing processes across different geographies and implement a solid lead management structure. Its European headquarters are based near Amsterdam with...

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2015 in 500 words and
4 important facts

December 21, 2015 - Opinion

Christmas holidays are approaching again. As is the New Year. For many people Christmas is the moment to look back at the past year and to make plans for the upcoming year, personally and professionally. What went well? What could be better? Have I missed anything in this age of information overload? Are these questions you ask yourself? Let me help you a little bit by summarizing some of the most remarkable facts of 2015 in the world of modern marketing. Fact 1. The Marketing...

Tags: Engagement Factory, 2015, Modern Marketing, Summary, Trends

Modern Marketing Coach App

November 11, 2015 - News

Making Modern Marketing Automation easier with your own personal Modern Marketing Coach App. It's another day in the office and I wonder how do you feel today? Are you inspired? Do you have a clear vision of what you need to do and how to transform the effectiveness of your marketing? Do you have all the tools and resources you need to be able to smash it out of the park? Or maybe you have a huge queue of projects to deliver? Would you like a little help? How about getting a marketing...

Tags: Engagement Factory, Modern Marketing, Modern Marketing Coach, Apps

Success story DLL Marathon

November 10, 2015 - Insights

Ensuring an event runs smoothly almost becomes a military operation when large groups of people come together. Thanks to the QR campaign and mobile app (Gate Access Support app) of Engagement Factory, the DLL Runners home & Fan zone at the DLL Marathon Eindhoven went digital to ensure a flawless event experience. No more waiting in lines and long and complicated excel spreadsheets with digital access passes. Prior to the event runners and guests received a unique QR code which served...

Tags: DLL, Marathon, Apps, QR code

Learn how to successfully execute your Marketing Automation strategy

October 12, 2015 - Intelligence

As experts in the field of Marketing Automation we, at Engagement Factory, have helped many companies implement this powerful technology, improve the effectiveness of their marketing processes and increase revenue. Our new E-Book is based on our experience of implementing Marketing Automation and demonstrates what we believe are the cornerstones to achieving success. The 5 steps to a successful Marketing Automation implementation are: PREPARE – People, Processes, data ...

Tags: 5 steps, Marketing Automation, Implementation, Modern Marketing

Yes, we know why less than 10% of companies use Marketing Automation

September 14, 2015 - Opinion

I recently came across an article in written by Mike Templeman, called: Less Than 10% Of Companies Are Using Marketing Automation, here's why”. I found it a very interesting read! The article highlights a number of pain points that we at Engagement Factory recognize and use to develop our core services offerings. Lack of time and resources Looking at the reasons why companies are not using Marketing Automation we realize that there is a serious lack of time and/or...

Tags: Engagement Factory, Marketing Automation, Modern Marketing, Implementation, Journey

Campaign Coordination

September 8, 2015 - Intelligence

As technology fills every corner of our lives from the workplace to our bedroom, I find it hard to believe that there is a shortage of Modern Marketers. It seems that there lacks a formal specification for this highly skilled operator so we decided to create one, based on some research into the current high fliers of successful organisations using modern marketing practices. Their skills have been analysed according to the belief that Modern Marketers requires a combination of Picasso’s...

Tags: Marketing, Campaigns, Performance, Pablo Picasso, Albert Einstein, Modern Marketing, Marketer

79% of smartphone users always have their phone with them

September 8, 2015 - Opinion

Recently I came across an article from IDC quoting, “the typical consumer uses his mobile device consistently throughout his daily activities. In fact, 79% of smartphone users have their phone on, or near them, for all but two hours of their waking day!” This presents a huge opportunity for Marketers with a good understanding of mobile communications. Your ability to tap into the mobile device of the user involves taking the following three things into account: Your message...

Tags: Smartphone, Apps, Oracle, Eloqua, Mobile, SMS, Push notifications, B2B, B2C

Campaign Wireframes

September 8, 2015 - Intelligence

Creating the actual assets At this stage, you have chosen the right campaign type to help you achieve your goals and made sure you have the full skill set to manage it. The next step is to create the actual assets, including relevant content, and to ensure that your target audience will feel engaged. In our Wireframes guide we'll also provide you valuable tips for setting up emails and landing pages. So make sure you download them. Download wireframes Email...

Tags: Engagement Factory, Marketing Automation, Campaign, Wireframes

Meet Mark Emmett

September 8, 2015 - News

Head of UK Operations at Engagement Factory. Mark Emmett recently joined Engagement Factory to head up our UK team. Mark was one of the early adopters of Modern Marketing in Europe, introducing and Eloqua into Sony Professional Solutions Europe back in 2008. He has won several awards for his work including winning the prestigious Eloqua Markie for best Lead Nurturing Program. Mark is well known within the B2B Marketing community, having spoken at many events for the...

Tags: Engagement Factory, Eloqua

Campaign Strategy

September 8, 2015 - Intelligence

Which campaign type fits your goal? - A large number of businesses struggle when it comes to choosing the right campaign type to reach a particular audience and achieve pre-defined goals. Therefore, the campaign type should be carefully chosen to match the scenario you are faced. To enable you to make a more informed decision we have created an overview of 5 different campaign types that will help you choose the right campaign for your goals. Welcome The main objective of this...

Tags: Engagement Factory, Marketing Automation, Marketing Campaign, Campaign Types, Marketing Services

Engagement Factory appoints new MD to head-up UK operations

August 17, 2015 - News

Engagement Factory, a marketing automation consultancy and solutions provider, announces the appointment of Mark Emmett to head-up the development of its UK operations. As part of the senior management team Mark will be responsible for helping leading, global enterprises to develop their capability within modern marketing and generate business value using Eloqua. Growing at a phenomenal rate over the last three years, Engagement Factory have become the largest Eloqua partner in...

Tags: Engagement Factory, News, marketing automation consultancy, Markie, Eloqua

Best practices for a successful SmartStart

January 18, 2015 - Insights

Once your company has purchased a licence for Oracle Eloqua, a SmartStart is the best way to quickly and smoothly set up your instance and enable your team. The SmartStart is a well defined, Oracle approved, implementation process, and it ensures we take a best practice approach to implementing Oracle Marketing Cloud for our clients. Engagement Factory, as a certified Oracle Partner has a vast amount of experience in supporting businesses that are new to Oracle Eloqua and a SmartStart is...

Tags: Engagement Factory, Eloqua, marketing automation, smartstart

Demand & Lead Generation

December 11, 2014 - Opinion

It is vital to understand the difference between Demand Generation and Lead Generation. WHY? Demand Generation is often interchanged with the concept of lead generation; however, there is a huge difference between these two very important concepts, namely the outcome. Thinking they are the same beast and having only a single marketing strategy can lead to failure! They are unique and therefore require separate approaches. Two sides of the same coin. Lead generation delivers –...

Tags: Engagement Factory, Lead Generation, Demand Generation, Marketing Automation

New, the Veeva / Eloqua app

December 11, 2014 - News

Recently we release our first app on the Oracle Marketing Appcloud, the Veeva Eloqua connector. Our developers are currently working on more apps to expand your Marketing platform with for instance SMS, mobile, Chatter and events. Veeva is a specific Life Science CRM system and our connector app will optimise the performance with a solid integration between the two separate systems. Enhance your company workflow! Optimise your performance with a solid integration between two...

Tags: Veeva, Engagement Factory, App, Eloqua, CRM

Implementing Marketing Automation -
Case Study Freo

December 11, 2014 - Insights

Find out how Freo successfully piloted DLL’s new Eloqua Modern marketing system and discover first-hand the challenges they faced. Engagement Factory has helped them to reach their goals of an integrated CRM, and improved management of both their campaigns and leads. We’ve got more exciting news for future developments which we will share in time, for now if you haven’t subscribed to our .Engage mailings then you can do so on our ‘Preference Center page‘. We will keep you...

Tags: Engagement Factory, FREO, DLL, Modern Marketing, Marketing Automation, CRM, Campaigns, Leads, Case Study

Preparing for Marketing Automation – Data Cleanse

September 30, 2014 - Opinion

Yes, I'm sorry, we are going to talk about it! Data cleansing is that fearful task that everyone postpones, hands over or forgets about. However, it is one of the most important aspects for successful marketing automation, and successful business in general. Recent research from Sirius Decisions (see graphic on the side column) emphasises the importance of data cleansing, and the impact that bad data has on demand creation. As an example from this report, Sirius Decisions...

Tags: Engagement Factory, Eloqua, Marketing Automation, Training

Tip the balance from reference customers to advocates

March 12, 2014 - Intelligence

Most business-to-business (B2B) marketing budgets have a significant and recurring line item entitled “customer reference program”, which involves extensive spending and effort so the sales force and other buyer-facing teams can readily respond to requests for references. But marketers must face a new reality: Engage early, and throughout the customer lifecycle Empowered customers are educating themselves through professional and peer-created content that is available online....

Tags: Engagement Factory, B2B

Eloqua Grande Guide to
Sales Enablement

March 9, 2014 - Intelligence

This whitepaper is for every company that invests a great deal of money in sales, and is therefore keen to increase productivity and generate best results from the sales team. The handshake approach between marketing and sales Alignment between marketing and sales, often referred to as the “handshake approach”, ensures that your entire infrastructure is being used to the benefit of the business. Data requirements and system setup are the foundation for such a solid...

Tags: Engagement Factory, B2B, Eloqua, Grande Guide, Sales Alignment, Sales Enablement, Whitepaper

Defining the Modern Marketer:
From Real to Ideal

March 9, 2014 - News

BtoB Research Services surveyed hundreds of online marketing professionals in order to define the core competencies of Modern Marketers. Based on this information this white paper explores the elements of modern marketing that marketers are employing today, as well as their views of what constitutes the “ideal” marketer and possible means of reaching that level. Download the whitepaper

Tags: Engagement Factory, B2B, Eloqua, Modern Marketers, Modern Marketing