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From a wild-goose chase to ongoing customer engagement

February 19, 2019 - Insights

In the world of interim management, quick placements of a suitable candidate with the right industry experience requires an extensive database of skilled candidates. In a time where talent is in high demand, candidates seeking interim roles are exposed to a wide range of opportunities within the market. Recruiters are then faced with the tough challenge to attract interest and keep candidates engaged.

Our client Brightmill, a Swedish recruitment organisation with a focus on interim management, found themselves spending loads of time maintaining their database and chasing candidates to ask them to update their availability and CV. Due to time constraints it was close to impossible for Brightmill to nurture all the candidates with relevant information crosschannel. Consequently, Brightmill had to deal with an outdated database, which resulted in even more inefficiency as they spent a lot of time chasing the wrong candidates.

Brightmill needed a tool that could help automate the maintenance of their database, as well as assist in sending their candidates relevant and timely communications to keep them engaged.

Driving ROI with marketing automation

To resolve these issues, Engagement Factory implemented the Oracle Eloqua marketing automation platform with Brightmill’s database and website, as well as our own SMS Connector plug-in to enable cross-channel communication. Together we also created automated re-engagement campaigns, which enabled Brightmill to work with an up-to-date database that allows them to prioritise directly which candidates to contact for each assignment.

"We’re happy to see an improved database right from the start. This year we received 5,300 profile updates via the website, compared to 1,100 updates the previous year. That’s an increase of 382%!”
– Henrik Engstam, CEO Brightmill

Through building personalised, relevant information cross- channel, Brightmill aim to keep their candidates and clients engaged and loyal, and their competitors one step behind.

Want to learn more about Brightmills’ journey? Download the full case study below.

Download case study

Marte Stenbro

Marketing Consultant

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