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Top 5 takeaways from Showtime18

Top 5 takeaways from Showtime18

October 26, 2018 - Insights

Being a proud sponsor of Showpad’s event Showtime18, we were present at the world’s largest Sales Enablement event in Ghent, Belgium, on 17 and 18 October. The action-packed agenda and incredible speaker line-up brought some truly inspirational insights to the table, along with a vision of how to sell the way buyers want to buy. It was universally agreed that Sales Enablement is needed more than ever before to make both buyers and sellers happy!

Here are our top takeaways:

  1. Optimise the buying experience
    Currently 81% of buyers make purchase decisions based on experience. However, current sales practices haven’t adapted to meet these changing buyer expectations. As a result, more sales people are boring their buyers instead of inspiring them. It’s time to engage buyers with the highly personalised experiences they love. It’s time to empower your sellers to engage with modern buyers by providing the right content, training and coaching. It’s time to scale excellence across your organisation by discovering and replicating what works for your top performers.

    This need for change was underlined by Peter Ostrow, Senior Research Director at SiriusDecisions. He bombarded the audience with convincing statistics on experience-driven decisions, time spent by salespeople (usually not where it has the most impact) and the impact of content on deals. Did you know that on average 17 pieces of content are being consumed before purchase? Peter also shared some Sales Enablement trends for 2019, including: supporting in talent acquisition and onboarding, ongoing learning, ‘just in time’ enablement with sales assets and further formalising the Sales Enablement function within organisations.

    Professor Eddie Obeng, Learning Director at Pentacle Business School stole the hearts and minds of the sales and marketing leaders in the room with his high-energy, and at times, even hilarious presentation. The point he made was just as impactful: the speed, scale and density of information is already extremely high and still increasing. As a result, the speed of change is overtaking the speed of learning, leaving the question on the table of how we’re able to keep up and find the right solutions. Keep in mind that decision-making is based on emotion, not logic. Tip: watch his TEDtalk ‘Smart failure for a fast-changing world’.

  2. Combine CRM, Marketing Automation and Sales Enablement
    Luckily, a lot of solutions and best practice processes demonstrating how to overcome these challenges were presented as well. Not only were hands-on approaches for better Sales & Marketing alignment demonstrated, we also took a look at some of the great results from current Sales Enablement programs at Twilio,, PerkinElmer and Coca Cola. Showpad’s co-founder & CEO Pieterjan Bouten gave his executive perspective, stating that the #1 reason for sales reps not making their quota is the inability to articulate their unique value. By combining CRM (system of record, mostly built for the manager), Marketing Automation (marketing engagement, built for the marketer) and Sales Enablement (system of engagement, built for the seller) we’re aligning all forces for the best buying experience.

  3. It’s a marathon, not a race
    Nicola Lummela from PerkinElmer ran another inspiring seminar, providing extensive insight into their process for adopting Showpad on a global scale, and success stories don’t come much better! By splitting the process into separate phases over two years they achieved record adoption rates, servicing over 1,300 sales users across the globe. Each phase had its own action plan and goal, with regional champions appointed to manage the roll out of over 5,000 assets across 11 content channels in their local languages over the two-year period. The moral of the story? It’s a marathon, not a race.

  4. Content and skills are equally important
    As the saying goes, “a fool with a tool is still a fool”, so putting great content in the hands of Sales doesn’t solve the problem entirely. It’s about content as well as context, where data and skills play an important role. With Showpad’s recent acquisition of LearnCore, top players in sales enablement content and learning platforms are now combined.

  5. Diffuse organisational siloes
    Whether you’re in Marketing, Sales, HR/Learning or already have a Sales Enablement function in place, it’s time to team-up like never before. Forget about those silly siloes, always start with your customer in mind and organise your go-to-market around that. Apply a blend of content and context to achieve the best possible customer experiences – and you’ll get the business results to go with it.

Want to learn more about commercial enablement? Have a look at our webinars, videos and blog! Ready to get started? Unlock valuable insights into the performance of your organisation’s commercial strategy with our Commercial Maturity check and schedule a free consultation to discuss the outcome and next steps. Let’s make it happen!

Roland de Wit

Managing Consultant at Engagement Factory

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