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Latest technology delivers higher care, at a lower cost!

Latest technology delivers higher care, at a lower cost!

September 25, 2018 - Insights

Healthcare is one of the world's largest and fastest growing industries. A shift towards the digital paradigm requires Healthtech manufacturers to quickly develop new solutions for the medical industry, across the health continuum. Their objective: to use technology to improve the delivery, payment and consumption of care.

The overload of alarms, or ‘Alarm fatigue’
This is a well-documented issue and effects the daily lives of caregivers in hospitals, such as nurses and doctors. Exposure an excessive number of non-actionable or false alarms can lead to a sensory overload, causing tiredness, distraction and added stress, with an impact on patient safety.

Our client, a leading Healthtech manufacturer, sought to tackle this critical issue head on! Their aim, to assist medical staff in resolving alarm management challenges whilst building a strong reputation in the ‘clinical services’ arena.

However, four key factors constrained campaign planning:

  • A lack of communication strategy around the ‘Alarm Fatigue’ topic
  • Lots of unstructured content covering wide aspects of the problem
  • An absence of lead generation ‘best practices’
  • Incomplete customer data.

Engagement Factory stepped in to boost the overall campaign strategy. We started by producing a comprehensive content map and messaging framework to cover all phases of the campaign. From there we set about creating unique digital assets and building an effective lead scoring model. This ensures only the best quality leads become marketing qualified and channeled through to sales.

As a result, our client has made their mark in the clinical services arena – closing several deals since launch and adopting the campaign across another ten markets!

Read the full case study for more details on each step of the campaign…and the results!

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Joeri Ruijgrok

Digital Marketing Consultant at Engagement Factory

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