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5 CX drivers to act on today

5 CX drivers to act on today

August 14, 2018 - Insights

Retaining customers can often seem like an uphill struggle: competition is rife, and your customers are always on the lookout for a better deal. So how do you solve a modern marketing conundrum and drive consumer loyalty?

The answer? Create unparalleled customer experiences that keep consumers coming back. Fuelled by the latest insights from the 6th iteration of the renowned Customer Experience Management Africa Summit in Cape Town, here are our 5 CX drivers to act on today.

  1. Business transformation
    Distinctive CX requires involvement from the ground up, so it’s time to tackle those organisational siloes! Business transformation is essential to resolve key CX pain points which prevent your organisation from delivering seamless and consistent customer experiences. Read our ’10 key points to consider when transforming your customer experience’ for more insights on how to make a shift towards true customer-centricity. Warning: this includes restructuring processes and changing mindsets.

  2. Customer insights
    Knowing exactly who your customers are and what they want is invaluable. Knowledge is power, but how you act on this information is crucial to ensure your customers receive the right message, at the right time, via the right channel. For example: a routine interaction with a happy customer requesting updates on their order whilst they’re busy at the office, might be best served by an electronic solution (e.g. a chatbot). Conversely, a customer on the war path looking to complain about a product or service, might want a direct conversation on the phone for reassurance that the issue will be resolved.

  3. Employee engagement
    A happy employee makes for a happy customer! Keeping your employees involved and engaged in the business influences their interactions with clients and improves customer satisfaction. Employees can be a business’ most valuable capital and the best ambassadors money can’t buy for your products. To encourage higher productivity and better service, think outside in…and work inside out!

  4. Emotional storytelling
    No one likes a story with an unhappy ending, least of all your customers. How you present your product in the early stages of the buying process is critical and needs to resonate in order to influence their purchase decision. Step one is to ensure you have a good grounding knowledge of your customers’ wants and needs. Step two is to personalise their experience with your brand. Crafting a story with high quality content as part of your promotional strategy can be immensely powerful, eliciting an emotional investment from your customer before a monetary one. Communicate on the same level as your customer, drive an emotional angle into your strategy, and don’t leave your customers with a cliff hanger!

  5. Artificial Intelligence
    Data is the cornerstone of CX success. Only by leveraging data effectively can you identify your customers and devise the best way to target them. However, with massive amounts of data available across multiple platforms, creating a single view of the customer is increasingly difficult. The revolution in AI technology is opening new data doors for marketers, increasing their ability to assimilate data from different sources and analyse large quantities quickly. AI puts the power of data back in your hands, allowing you to uncover actionable insights, build relationships that drive engagement, and make every touch point an opportunity to engage customers as individuals. However, bear in mind that automating this kind of stuff needs to serve business goals. Don’t do it just for the sake of it.

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