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A best in class lead generation campaign

‘The building blocks for a
best-in-class lead generation campaign

June 25, 2018 - Insights

Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) has been a pioneer in the innovation of lighting solutions for over 125 years. The industry at large is making moves towards the Internet of Things, with everyday lighting infrastructure being transformed to serve as an internet carrier. Signify wanted to capitalise on this monumental opportunity for businesses worldwide, and tasked their Professional Lighting team with taking their 'Interact Office' connected lighting solution to market.

However, bringing an as-yet unknown product into a new market with unidentified stakeholders proved exceptionally challenging. The team faced several significant challenges, including:

  • Gaining insight into the new market and target audience
  • Developing a campaign and content strategy
  • Creating content for the new proposition
  • Generating leads as part of a fully digital journey

To resolve these issues, Engagement Factory Introduced the Demand Generation Wheel. From in-depth persona research and content strategy, to lead nurturing and SLA, all phases of the funnel were tuned to drive conversion for this exceptional new product.

The end result? An automated full-funnel digital campaign driven by customer insight.

“We are now equipped with a fully automated campaign flow to generate leads and sales. This campaign has created a blueprint for upcoming lead generation campaigns within Signify.”
- Claire Philips | Global Senior Manager Marketing Communications, Signify

For a breakdown of the key building blocks behind Signify's best-in-class lead generation campaign, download the full case study below now!

Download case study

Joeri Ruijgrok

Digital Marketing Consultant at Engagement Factory

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