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To Migrate, or not to migrate?

To Migrate, or not to migrate?
This is the question!

March 22, 2018 - news

We get it, you are running your marketing operations from your Oracle Eloqua instance, and you are all happy and fuzzy about it. It is your little baby, all wonderfully configured, customized to your liking, and working well. Basically, you know all the ins and the outs, and you’re finally getting used to that login and password, when suddenly management announce: ‘It’s time to migrate to a new instance!’.

Early adopters of Oracle Eloqua may have experienced their first migration during the E9>E10 upgrade, the company I worked for at the time was one of them. So, helping customers with migration projects sparks up some memories from those times, like how we saw it as a nuisance too. However, the benefits that came from using a fresh system, with new technology, and a clean set of assets, made all the difference when it came to adoption, and improved usage of the platform.

Humans are creatures of habit and don’t like change, but change is the only constant! Consequently, with so many valid reasons to get a new instance, even if you think this can’t happen to you, read further, because it can. Relax, this is not a painful exercise – you will see!

First of all, do you need to migrate?

Indicators for a new Eloqua instance

  • Company mergers, acquisitions, etc. – organizational restructure with integration of multiple Oracle Eloqua contracts
  • Multiple instances across Oracle Eloqua landscape – benefit from single governance, contact policy, etc.
  • Data Storage Regulation Compliance (e.g. data needs to be in Europe and your POD is not located there – see POD LOCATIONS)
  • Long term Oracle Eloqua usage - fresh start beneficial
  • Upgrade Proof of Concept (PoC) to fully functional environment.

If any of the indicators above are highlighted in your company, then you are likely to need a migration!

To enable you to get started I have written some very useful tips based on previous experience of helping customers to migrate successfully, please click here if you would like to receive a copy.

If you prefer to talk to us please contact your account manager, or Team Lead at Engagement Factory to find out more.

Download the whitepaper

Zuriñe Garcia

Senior Marketing Automation Consultant

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