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8 Simple Persuasion Tactics that Influence Customer Behavior

8 Simple Persuasion Tactics that Influence Customer Behavior

October 10, 2017 - Insights

It all starts with customer obsession! How obsessed are you? Do you talk to your customers, face-to-face? Have you developed buyer persona’s, and are your customer journeys mapped?

Marketers need to become behavioral coaches. Sounds crazy, right? To be honest, getting spammed with retargeted media is crazy. However, getting a message at the right time in a convenient way, feels natural. Instead of thinking within a buyer journey, marketers should go back to understanding basic human behavior, not specifically the behavior of buying, but what makes people read, click a button, take 10 min to call, laugh, etc.

We need to understand how we, as people, come to action. Once we understand behavior we can influence decision making, which ultimately changes the behavior. Basically, decision making represents the conscious and subconscious processes, that results in behavior. Did you know that we have a slow and fast brain? Or, to say it within the words of Daniel Kahneman, “We have 2 systems of persuasion: system 1 and system 2”.

In the psychology and behavioral economics, we have two different “systems” for decision making. The so-called system 1 and system 2. The terms system 1 and system 2 were originally coined by Keith Stanovich and Richard West, due to the complexity of the systems they now prefer ‘type 1 processes’ and ‘type 2 processes’. Importantly, these “systems” are not fixed to a specific part of the brain, instead they are highly complex and cover a wide area.

System 1 is our “emotional, evolutionary old, automatic, and intuitive system”.
System 2 is our “rational, conscious, logic and rules based system”.

Basically, if you understand how system 1 & system 2 interact, then you can apply persuasion tactics to influence people’s beliefs, attitudes, motivation, and decision making, that will ultimately change their behavior, like clicking the CTA button.

To help you get started we decided to demonstrate, with real-life examples, the application of 8 simple persuasion tactics in our most recent customer campaigns.

To discover what these techniques are, and how they can be used effectively, download the presentation. Examples of the following customers are shown:

Download presentation

Stefaan Vuylsteke

Senior CX Consultant at Engagement Factory

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