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The sleek, yet powerful, ‘Welcome Campaign’

The sleek, yet powerful,
‘Welcome Campaign’

December 20, 2016 - Insights

NEVER underestimate the potential of a ‘Welcome Campaign’, and here’s why:

"Research shows that welcome emails have an average read rate of 34%, which is 42% higher than the average."

Welcoming a new subscriber to your company’s online community, is one of the most fundamental campaigns. Not only does it set the right tone of voice for your future marketing activities, but it also gives you the opportunity to get to know your new subscribers and to start building a mutually beneficial relationship with them. Remember, this is an important first step in your customer’s journey and the chance to lay the engagement foundations that will help fuel the success of your future marketing campaigns!

In June 2016 Amazon published its ‘Guide to sending amazing welcome emails’, stating that there are three main goals to this powerful campaign:

  • Make a dazzling first impression
  • Continue the conversation with subscribers
  • Drive customers back to your website, or store

Regardless of the size of your business, new subscribers will be joining your community all the time. Each uniquely motivated with a varying knowledge of your business, they enter via multiple channels on a variety of systems, and at various levels from country-, business group- and global. Where do you start when it comes to welcoming them, and how do you ensure this activity will bring future benefits?

The Welcome Campaign delivers huge value to the sassy, modern marketer and according to Tom Sather, senior director of email research, aside from on-boarding new subscribers and setting expectations, it can help marketers in three other areas:

  • Improving List Quality
  • Increasing Conversions
  • Optimizing for Revenue

It can be quite overwhelming when you look at the full picture, so we have written a helpful guide, 5 Steps to creating the powerful ‘Welcome Campaign’ and created a useful checklist so you can get started with your ‘Welcome Campaign’ straight away.

‘Welcome Campaign’ Checklist:

  • Analyse all current entry points into your database
  • Make an overview and keep it manageable, start small!
  • Analyse your opt-in forms – what is required, be polite!
  • Ensure your welcome campaign respond to your objectives
  • Create a strong messaging strategy with consistent storytelling, for the whole welcome campaign
  • Capture user preferences and behaviour to segment your audience and set up relevant future nurture flows
  • Test, optimize and grow!

Download the Welcome Campaign Guide

Engagement Factory’s award winning consultants are here to help. If you need any assistance with your Welcome Campaign, contact us now!

Joeri Ruijgrok

Digital Marketing Consultant at Engagement Factory

Thank you for reaching out to us, we will be in touch.

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