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Have you heard of CRM in 1 Day?

Have you heard of ‘CRM in 1 Day’?

November 4, 2016 - Insights

Engagement Factory proudly partnered the event organised by CustomerTalk last September, in Bussum, Netherlands.

Tailored for people in the Marketing, Sales and Service roles, the event focuses on the areas of: CRM, Customer Experience Management, Customer Strategy and Customer Service.

Engagement Factory hosted the break out session "How do you create awareness for a new proposition by using Marketing Automation in a smart way?". We presented a proof-of-concept based on actual experience gained working with our customer, DLL Group.

The reception was fantastic, and the questions that followed were both engaging and thought-provoking. Here are our Key Take-aways from this session:

  1. To create/enhance your database or promote new content – 1st use the networks of all your peers/colleagues - they have more contacts than you could possibly imagine!
  2. Use Marketing Automation tool functionalities properly. Think of all the different possible scenarios. Pre-filled forms are really awesome and give a superb customer experience. However, if your colleague forwards his mail to a client, it should refer to a blank form and not the colleague’s details!
  3. Immediately measure and evaluate after each campaign. Add your discoveries to the next campaign and test for any success.
  4. Follow a lead scoring model, and use the results and feedback from sales to continuously improve it.
  5. Align with sales to create content that meets the needs of your customers.
  6. Align with your country-based marketing departments - they can also help create demand
  7. Be very critical of your ‘marketing’ database. Try to re-engage with inactive people and if they still don’t engage, delete them.
  8. Regularly review your buyer persona and journey. Digital behaviour changes rapidly…so keep aligned with your persona.

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In need of some support? Join us at the Modern Marketing Clinic on November 11th!

Clinic: The effective Roadmap to Modern Marketing

Date & Location
Friday November 11 2016, 09.30 - 11.30, Leusden (Netherlands)

Modern Marketing, Buyer Persona, Buyer Journey, Marketing Automation, Demand Generation, Lead Management and Social Selling! We hear all these terms a lot, but how do I practically setup this new concept of modern marketing in a smart and structured way in my organization? During this clinic, we will help you design a roadmap to achieve the ultimate goal: highly effective campaigns.

Join Jos Caelers (Engagement Factory founder and owner) and Andre Kuijpers (Senior Marketing Consultant) at the clinic: "The effective Roadmap to Modern Marketing" on Friday November 11th from 09:30 to 11:30 hours at Beeckestijn Business School in Leusden.

Drive the change starting tomorrow
We will share best practices, customer experiences, tips & tricks, and even show you the pitfalls, so that you are fully prepared to drive the transition in your organization with good buyer personas, via buyer journey into effective and measurable results. We will also provide you with a guide so that you can immediately start using lead management and content marketing in your organization, in a more structured, and more importantly, effective way.

Topics covered:

  1. What is Modern Marketing?
  2. What are the important elements of content marketing?
  3. How do I set up a good internal lead management process?
  4. What can I do with Marketing Automation?

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Andre Kuijpers

Senior Marketing Consultant at Engagement Factory

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