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Our Top Ten Customer Experience Takeaways

August 29, 2016 - News

Engagement Factory recently had a wonderful opportunity to attend Africa’s largest Customer Experience Management conference, in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa.

This 5th annual summit attracted 440 delegates and showcased the opportunities, and challenges, faced by modern marketers, during an era of unprecedented change in South Africa. We came away very excited by what is happening at the intersection of technology and marketing services.

Inspired by some of today’s key professionals, who are both successfully and rapidly shaping the way customer experience is managed in South Africa and abroad, here are our top ten key takeaways:

  1. Data is everywhere in a digital world, but needs another two steps to be meaningful: ‘data to insight, to action’ - this was the mantra of Andy Champion, an inspirational leader at Oracle. There was an enthusiastic quoting of, “Without data, you're just another person with an opinion.”W. Edwards Deming.

  2. Marketing changes are not always easy for large organizations, so move the needle one degree today. What you’re looking for is the cumulative effect. As Andy Champion mentioned, “when you learn to ride a bike, you don’t do it instantly. There are a few scrapes.

  3. Marketers need to be testing the importance principle: what are you asking of your consumer, and what value are you giving back? Speakers challenged marketers explicitly, and implicitly, to answer this value equation.

  4. Speakers emphasized the journey over time and the multiple touch-points that CMOs have to deal with. There is no single channel anymore!

  5. Customers have become the lynchpin of the marketing world - “customers are everything now”. A heavy emphasis on the customer being the center of the marketing universe - an executive speaker from Telkom acknowledged this fact.

  6. Sometimes the obvious gets forgotten: The customer is also a person. “Whether your business is B2B or B2C, every business is in fact, person to person,” said Qaalfa Dibeehi, VP at Forrester.

  7. Omni-channel is taken as given. Even a pure play radio is now omni-channel, with heavy social media integration, said Justine Cullinan, station manager at Five FM radio.

  8. Consumers live in a world of micro-moments - to engage effectively businesses need to be able to continuously respond in an integrated manner via multiple touch points.  ‘We must break down the data-silos across the organisation, in order to respond to the customer as a single entity with a 360 degree view.’ - this was a key message from Claudia Foster Marketing Strategist at Oracle.

  9. Today’s connected customer is much more sophisticated than in the past, and expects a seamless digital experience.

  10. Personalization was an important theme - it is not good enough for customers to be anonymous. Speakers acknowledged this is difficult when you have millions of customers, but technology is now making this a reality.

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