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Extending marketing automation functionalities for your
Mobile Strategy

June 7, 2016 - Opinion

Historically Marketing Automation has predominantly been about emailing the right message, to the right person, at the right time. However, as use of email marketing has grown, so have a number of pitfalls, and some audience groups are clearly less responsive to email than others. Many of the more advanced marketers are now extending their communications strategy to leverage other channels, with the ever present mobile phone offering a wide variety of opportunities. Let’s review a few of the current extended functionalities and how they can best be used.

Mobile Push Notifications are a great tool to deliver relevant consumer interactions in real time. Oracle’s Push Cloud Service extends cross-channel marketing strategies to the world of apps, thereby helping the marketers deliver relevant push notifications that stimulate engagement and drive users back to their applications.

Push IO (Oracle Push Cloud) is a push notification platform built to satisfy the requirements of the world’s best apps and meet the needs of modern marketers. It allows mobile app developers to quickly integrate push capabilities into their apps by adding just a few lines of code. The integration between Eloqua and Push IO allows marketers to push messages to their integrated mobile apps as an outbound channel within Eloqua, just like email. Push notifications can be personalized.
Use the Push IO-Eloqua integration to message mobile app users about offers and discounts, event reminders, or other marketing activities.

70% of consumers found all types of Push notifications, including order updates and location-based messages to be valuable. There are also 50% higher open rates on Push notifications versus emails.

Mobile In-App alerts are another great tool to drive more app engagement with better targeting. With In-App alerts, an alert is presented in the form of an app overlay, sharing engaging messages such as promotions, new releases, reminders, or even feedback. In-app messaging creates a richer app experience that’s highly contextual, rooted in analytics, and is triggered based on interactions. It helps companies to build a stronger relationship with app users from the moment of download, during the first weeks of the app on a user's device, and further in the relationship. Using mobile in-app messaging, you can now interact with customers within your app to drive already engaged audiences down the route to conversion.


Another great tool to reach consumers immediately, and on their terms, is mobile SMS.Mobile SMS enables you to create mobile marketing campaigns and orchestrate them as part of a larger cross-channel marketing program, helping drive new revenue, improve loyalty, and build stronger customer relationships. Mobile sms marketing engages customers and prospects when they're away from the traditional home/office desktop environment thus results in high engagement and response.

Due to increasing demand, we have developed an SMS connector that allows you to trigger SMS directly from the campaign canvas. This allows you to re-engage users who have stopped opening your emails or using your app, or to send different types of communications. One of the most popular uses for SMS, is the day before an event when you can send a reminder about the event they registered to attend with a link to Google maps, the start time and key information. This helps your customer who no longer needs to search through hundreds of emails to get the details they need on the day.

Why not take advantage of our Oracle Eloqua SMS connector trial, with 200 free Clickatell™ credits, after all, seeing is believing, right?

Planning an interactive SMS promotion is a great way to make your message fun and engaging, and there are plenty of ways to do it. Posing your message as part of a questionnaire or poll encourages your target audience to read more closely and become an active participant. Offering up a toll-free SMS reply option is an extra incentive for users to engage with your brand. Meanwhile, including a link to an entertaining video or images with more details about your promotion encourages users to investigate further and visit your website/social media.

Are you interested in learning more about these extended functionalities? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our consultants will be happy to advise you.

Iryna Kepych

Digital Marketing Consultant at Engagement Factory

Thank you for reaching out to us, we will be in touch.

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