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Engagement Factory Oracle Eloqua Training Academy

Engagement Factory's Oracle Eloqua Training Academy

February 4, 2016 - Insights

At Engagement Factory we believe in delivering a complete marketing automation solution to our clients. This means we not only provide the integration, application enhancement and support of Oracle Eloqua at the technical level, but also the collection of insights to develop powerful personas, design and development of content and execution of campaigns. Aside from the above, one of our most valuable offerings is helping to prepare your organisation for modern marketing, through our training academy. Sharing our knowledge and expertise helps our clients to be more successful, empowering them to create new and innovative ideas in their ongoing activities to drive tangible results.

Jorn Koelma, a Professional Services Consultant at Engagement Factory, is pleased to share his experience of delivering Oracle Eloqua training sessions.

All of our courses are customised and developed based on the unique and individual needs of our clients, taking into careful consideration any specialised requirements. We currently provide both basic and advanced training, according to the level of the Oracle Eloqua user, as well as administrator training for technical users and modern marketing training for the broader Marketing team.

Basic training (Half Day)

This high-level, theoretical course explores the functionality delivered by Oracle Eloqua and their application in the running of campaigns within your organisation. This training is crucial in helping those who are new to a marketing automation system, to gain a thorough understanding of this powerful tool.

Advanced training (Two Days)

For the more advanced user, this training is both in-depth and hands-on. It is highly valuable to MarCom, CRM and Marketing teams, enabling participants to get up-to-speed with the tool interface and to quickly start creating campaigns by themselves. During this training the participants will learn how to create a nurture campaign, to set up and modify a lead-scoring model, and to filter and segment the target audience.

Administrator training

This advanced, technical training is designed for owners and administrators of Eloqua. You will learn how to create and manage user accounts, how the level of actions and permissions are managed at a user level, and how contact fields can be created, or data per field can be reviewed, at an aggregated level.

Modern Marketing training

This training program focuses on all the elements of Modern Marketing: Content marketing, Lead Management and Marketing Technology. Run over 3 half days or 2 full days, it is designed to develop an understanding of: how to develop personas & buyer insights and how to apply them in your content marketing strategy; how to capture, nurture, qualify and distribute your leads, develop lead scoring and drive marketing & sales alignment; how to use the various digital channels and tools to optimize your funnel.

At the end of these intensive training days we have a new and enthusiastic team, ready to start applying these newly discovered skills to their everyday tasks. Although the participants realize they are at the very beginning of their marketing automation journey, they know that the Engagement Factory team, are with them every step of the way. Whether its helping to get things right, or exploring extended functionality within Oracle Eloqua, that could further maximize the benefits and ROI of this powerful tool.

Oracle Eloqua is designed to make it easy to create and set up campaigns, however it still requires a lot of practice to discover all the ins and outs of the system. This is due not only to the ongoing technical enhancements of the system, but the constant stream of new features and functionality that will enable customers to run more innovative campaigns. By sharing our knowledge of this great marketing automation tool we hope to save our clients from wasting time on trial and error, and help make them stronger and more confident in the execution of their modern marketing activities.

Jorn Koelma

Professional Services Consultant at Engagement Factory

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