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Oracle Eloqua Grande Guide to Lead Scoring

Oracle Eloqua's
Grande Guide to Lead Scoring

February 12, 2016 - Intelligence

The Grande Guide to lead scoring helps every Marketer become proficient in this key marketing topic, in the time it takes you to drink your cup of coffee.

Lead scoring process

Lead scoring is the ranking of leads according to the value represented for your company, based on both implicit and explicit data.

The process of defining lead scores improves the alignment between the marketing and sales teams. By jointly defining a Sales Accepted Lead (SAL), sales and marketing teams can provide feedback on the quality of leads being passed on to sales.

Furthermore, lead scoring ensures the best leads are followed-up on immediately by prioritizing based on buyer readiness.

According to Aberdeen Research, companies that get lead scoring right have a 192% higher average lead qualification rate than those who do not.

This Oracle Eloqua Grande Guide defines lead nurturing, explains it’s importance to your business and outlines the steps required to implement lead scoring in your organisation.

Zuriñe Garcia

Senior Marketing Automation Consultant

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