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An Integrated Approach

An integrated approach

January 28, 2016 - Insights

People often ask me the following question: “What makes Engagement Factory different from other Eloqua partners?” Initially I answered this by explaining that we had the best resources and a superb client track record, but lately I realised it is due entirely to another reason. We have an integrated approach. Let me explain.

In order to deliver integrated marketing to our clients, we needed to approach our own organisation, services and solutions, in an integrated way. This integrated approach ensures we are able to consistently deliver a complete solution, that addresses all aspects of issues faced by organisations looking to move from traditional to modern marketing.

An Integrated Organisational Approach

In order to be successful in modern marketing, you will require expertise in the areas of marketing, sales, communications, information technology, consulting, and change management. We have developed our organisation with all these skills in-house, and they all work together. We also recommend this approach to our clients. The aim is to break the silos within organisations, by creating a networked culture that connects people and processes seamlessly together, for the purpose of achieving a single common goal.

Click here to see a fantastic video by Oracle that highlights not only the problems faced by these silos but also the benefits of an integrated solution working seamlessly. Eliminating islands of information will help your business become better connected and you will reap the benefits of innovation, reduced complexity, superior customer experiences and, ultimately, meaningful business results.

An integrated service offering

Experience has taught us that an integrated service offering is vital to our clients. You cannot simply install powerful marketing automation technology, like Oracle Eloqua, and walk away. You need to seamlessly integrate it into your organisation in order to make it work and reap the benefits! This not only involves changing the way you execute marketing, but also the alignment of sales and marketing, evaluation of business processes, collaboration with IT, and the vital training of resources.

Our approach to enabling organisations to realise the full potential of modern marketing, is to offer a complete range of services across:

  • Digital marketing
  • Project management
  • Creative design
  • Content marketing

This enables us to deliver a service to our customers with one objective in mind: to create and communicate compelling stories, that drive conversion and increase revenue, using modern marketing techniques. Each project we undertake has a single vision: to be successful. In our four years of operating, we have not lost a single customer; we always put the customer first!

Integrated solutions

Looking at the domain of modern marketing you also need to have an integrated approach to your solution offering. Many partners just implement a marketing automation solution. Today, you also need to include mobile, social, big data, personas and content management in your portfolio. That is why we have embraced the Oracle Marketing Cloud portfolio and are one of the few specialised partners with over 35 trained resources in Europe on Eloqua, Responsys, Bluekai and SRM.

An integrated marketing approach

Organisations that want to be successful in modern marketing need to adopt an integrated approach. Break down the silos within your organisation! Why? Because you need the following:

  • To have all the right skills on-hand to develop integrated campaigns, across multiple communication channels
  • To work together with sales to follow-up on leads generated
  • To link together all the data and IT systems to measure campaign results and ROI.

Customers view your organisation as a single entity and expect an integrated approach. Why waste valuable time working with individual siloes representing different departments? We have supported a large number of clients in successfully breaking down these silos, enabling them to reap the true benefits of an integrated and connected business.

Contact us now to find out how we can help your business, or visit to learn more about us.

Jos Caelers

Director at Engagement Factory

Thank you for reaching out to us, we will be in touch.