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Learn how to successfully execute your Marketing Automation strategy

October 12, 2015 - Intelligence

As experts in the field of Marketing Automation we, at Engagement Factory, have helped many companies implement this powerful technology, improve the effectiveness of their marketing processes and increase revenue. Our new E-Book is based on our experience of implementing Marketing Automation and demonstrates what we believe are the cornerstones to achieving success.

The 5 steps to a successful Marketing Automation implementation are:

  1. PREPARE – People, Processes, data
  2. DECIDE – Choose the right tool and set realistic goals
  3. COMMIT – Be committed and commit others
  4. PERSONALIZE – Stop spamming, use inbound and focus on content
  5. MEASURE – Make the most of available metrics marketing

‘PLUG-AND-PLAY’ – No way

Implementing a Marketing Automation solution requires time, patience, commitment, training and a willingness to embrace change within your organization. This may seem like a daunting or impossible task, however, following the critical steps presented in our e-Book will help you implement marketing automation smoothly and successfully, and make your life much easier.

Switch from Traditional to Modern Marketing

This transformation requires careful planning and preparation. Due to advancements in technology, the pace of change is increasing rapidly and your ability to quickly manage and adapt in today’s workplace, will be a valuable asset. Our e-Book covers the importance of knowing what to expect and when, who to involve and why, and how to improve acceptance and indeed later, satisfaction.

According to Forrester, companies that have implemented an automation platform have seen results in both organizational maturity and business impact with users contributing more to the sales pipeline, showing higher levels of process maturity and collaborating better with their colleagues.

The actions taken in each our the five key steps represent a logical approach to the alignment of sales and marketing functions with strategic business goals and a fundamental requirement for quickly maximizing your return-on-investment, ensuring on-going improvements and securing future profits.

Jos Caelers

Director at Engagement Factory

Thank you for reaching out to us, we will be in touch.

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