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Yes, we know why less than 10% of companies use Marketing Automation

September 14, 2015 - Opinion

I recently came across an article in written by Mike Templeman, called: Less Than 10% Of Companies Are Using Marketing Automation, here's why”. I found it a very interesting read! The article highlights a number of pain points that we at Engagement Factory recognize and use to develop our core services offerings.

Lack of time and resources

Looking at the reasons why companies are not using Marketing Automation we realize that there is a serious lack of time and/or skilled resources necessary for in-house management and support. Companies have no idea who to call for help and are not even sure if a new partner can really support them on this exciting journey.

“However, most new customers of these marketing automation products aren’t aware that there are robust ecosystems of partner agencies who can take care of the implementations, integrations, and all the other aspects of setting up the software........ My own firm is one of these partners for several of the marketing automation products and we are often called upon to fix a poorly executed implementation. Numerous times we’ve come across a client who was ready to give up on marketing automation because they never saw the value in the software because it wasn’t kicked off correctly.”

Marketing Automation Implementation

The implementation of a Marketing Automation system is the starting point of your modern marketing journey, a vital first step not only from the business perspective of generating return-on-investment as soon as possible, but also from the operational side in order to ease adoption, save valuable time and reap the full benefits quickly.

We can help you with great Marketing Automation implementation

At Engagement Factory we believe building the right foundation is crucial to a successful implementation. First we define all governance, then setup agreements on standards and finally, introduce the new ways of working to the organisation.

A large amount of technical assistance is initially required to configure the Marketing automation tool and to integrate it with a customer relationship management solution. When governance is not in place a system clean up should also be executed. Yes, as you see, we have gained lots of experience fixing poor implementations and helping customers to get back on track.

“We’ve seen hundreds of companies that purchased the software, paid the fees, had it implemented, and then let it sit, unused for over a year. The cause of this? They all say they didn’t have the time or expertise to manage it.”

Less is more

I believe that when you start deploying marketing automation you need to keep it simple to be able to manage the change. First check that all your marketing data is stored in one place, forms are migrated and email and landing page templates are setup. Then you are ready to start with a simple newsletter and can gradually move to more advanced drip campaigns. A great partner will deliver full support on all of the above.

“Marketing automation is often sold as a solution. However, I would argue that it is a tool. The real solution seems to be a human team utilizing the tool to automate and simplify their marketing tasks.“

Implementation essentials

You’ve hit the nail on the head! You definitely need to have a team in place, whether in-house, a partner, or ideally a mix of both, to constantly manage and mature your marketing automation system. You need a technical team for implementation, setup, configuration, management, enhancement and integration. A campaign team is needed to develop personas, customer journeys and nurture tracks. A database specialist will assist in the segmentation and analysis of the campaigns. For the majority of our customers it makes sense to select particular skill sets, from our team of specialised consultants, as and when required.

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Jos Caelers

Director at Engagement Factory

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