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Campaign Coordination

September 8, 2015 - Intelligence

As technology fills every corner of our lives from the workplace to our bedroom, I find it hard to believe that there is a shortage of Modern Marketers. It seems that there lacks a formal specification for this highly skilled operator so we decided to create one, based on some research into the current high fliers of successful organisations using modern marketing practices. Their skills have been analysed according to the belief that Modern Marketers requires a combination of Picasso’s creativity with Einstein’s scientific knowledge.

Best marketing campaigns and why?

Lets take a closer look at the top 3 marketing campaigns of 2015 according to ‘The Warc 100’, an annual ranking of the world’s 100 best campaigns and companies, based on their performance in effectiveness and strategy competitions. [1]

3rd place went to Expedia UK. The internet-based travel company cut through a crowded category with an emotion-led campaign, based on the insight that travel can be a valuable investment in yourself, rather than a cost to be minimised. The campaign increased profit margins and delivered a payback of £11 per £1 spent.

Dove Global took 2nd place with a campaign that confronted women with their own self-perceptions: in a video seeded online, an FBI trained sketch artist drew his subjects based on both their self-descriptions and those of people who had met them only recently. The video, which showed the women realise that other people view them as more beautiful than they do themselves, became the world’s most watched online film.

In 1st place we have Hindustan Unilever (HUL) reached ‘media dark’ rural Indian populations with an always-on, free-to-use mobile media channel offering music, jokes and Bollywood content, interspersed with ads. The channel gained 12 million subscribers in less than 10 months from launch, including one million unique callers per month.

Each of the campaigns delivers suitable and valuable content to its target market, seeking out unique ways to reach the audience and deliver a message. The marketers use new technology, including applications, mobile and social media. The developers of these campaigns needed to create fresh and unique ways of achieving business goals.


Wanted Modern Marketer with the following skills:

  • Cross-channel experience using: web, email, mobile, social and display marketing
  • Ability to understand customer buying behaviour and the stages of their journey
  • Content Marketing planning, producing, publishing, promoting and proving
  • Actively uses social media marketing tools to engage & retain, listen & learn and to extend & connect
  • Create a single data-source with a comprehensive view of the customer in order to guide campaigns and predict audience behavior
  • A Modern marketing outlook: simplistic, customer-centric and solution focused

In summary, a great creative, technical, strategic and general business all-rounder is required. So it is not just artistic creativity and mathematical logical, but rather a blend of cross-department skills that are highly sought after. Modern Marketers must have the ability to convert business goals into actual targets, nurture the buyer though their journey using strategic developed communications, and to do this with the latest and greatest technology. The road to success is a sure challenge for any Modern Marketer without the correct team, holding the perfect skill-set.

Filling the skills gap!

Essentially you could outsource, or rather, go about finding additional high-value resources to help grow the knowledge of your team, to fill in a skills-gap and to expand your team quickly during peak work periods. In all of these scenarios we have a number of important requirements that a successful partner should meet.

Choose a Modern marketing Partner who:

  • Delivers the full mix: in–house training, Marketing Services, best-practise consultancy, customised application development and technical support
  • Understands the journey: both yours and your customers, by combining knowledge with experience
  • Covers the globe: A one-stop international shop, delivering 1:1 service and support across the globe

A truly Modern Marketer understands that being able to adapt to change quickly is an important skill, as is the ability to recognize flaws within your operation. Fixing errors can be very time-consuming and costly.

Technology is the key to the successful management and automation of marketing operations, but its application and ROI is dependent on the user, the Modern Marketer. Here the modern marketing partner is vital, as is the range of support they provide to you on your journey to success.

Are you missing this person, a combination of Pablo Picasso and Albert Einstein?

If any of the skills mentioned above are lacking in your team you may decide to hire-in or train-up. We can actually help with both, so why not test us?

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